143 (pink_fairy) wrote in illsendahowler,

hey... ya know what i thought of today??

remember when lord voldemort was in power and when he fell.. nobody knew who was acting of their own free will... aurors didn't know if the death eaters were really supporting voldie or if they were being controlled... anyways, this whole big mess happened and a lot of innocent people were sent to abazkan and guilty people were let free.. because there was no proof regarding their innocence or guilt...

well....... why didn't they just use the truth potions that Snape used in GoF (book 4) to find out if they were being controlled or not??


nobody really knows how Harry survived voldie's curse... why don't they use the Time Turner thing and go back into time to see how he lived through it and "killed" the dark lord??

don't these things seem like the obvious thing to do??
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